Términos comunes.

November 22, 2018
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November 22, 2018 Juan Paz


El texto esta escrito en ingles usando como referencia el libro OVERCOMING GRAVITY. 

BW: Body weight


R: Rings

PB: Parallel bars

FL: Front lever – also means floor when paired with PB

Body and Hand Positioning

BA: Bent-arm

BB: Bent-body

SA: Straight-arm

SB: Straight-body

Adv: Advanced 

Str: Straddle

Deg: number of degrees for body or hand positioning 

RTO: Rings-turned-out

FG: False grip


HS: Handstand

HeSPU: Headstand Pushup

HSPU: Handstand Pushup

BL: Back Lever

Inv: Inverted Hang

OAC: One-arm chin up

PL: Planche

PU: PushUp

PPPU: Pseudo Planche Pushup

GH: German hang

RC: Rope Climb

OA: One-arm

EL: Elbow lever

Ecc: Eccentrics

BTB: Behind the back

Clap: Clapping your hands together

Slap: Slapping your hands on a body part.

BWD: Backward

FWD: Foward